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Southern Guys In Bathtub Together









Southern Strokes

Nothing like two hot young Southern Studs getting all wet and lathered up and oh yea, NAKED with each other. Ryan and Ashton happened to be hanging out with us one night when Ashton said that he really wanted to go and get in a nice bubble bath. We weren’t that surprised when Ryan decided to get in and join him.

We went and grabbed our equipment as fast as we could as the water was running and the boys were gearing up for a little fun. Ashton dropped his drawers to get in only to reveal his huge hard on in anticipation of his romp with Ryan.

The boys got naked and climbed in the water and started to make out. Ashton stood up and made Ryan give his cock a little attention but Ashton really wanted Ryan’s meat inside of him. Ashton wanted Ryan’s long cock in his mouth and more importantly, Ashton’s wet man hole needed to be filled.

Ryan likes to go deep which is exactly how Ashton likes it so Ryan mounted Ashton and fucked him doggie style. Hearing Ryan’s wet ball sak slap against Ashton’s bare ass. After getting fucked silly, Ashton got his final reward and slurped down Ryan’s thick load.

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